The Settlers of the Flemish Ardennes

The Settlers of the Flemish Ardennes

Oudenaarde – Brakel – Kluisbergen – Ronse region

A unique and exciting way to discover the Flemish Ardennes!

We have put together the game with the following options:

  • By electric bicycle
  • By 2CV
  • By Vespa
  • Own transport
  • Culinary delights
  • Discovering nature & culture
  • Accessible to everyone

The 'Settlers of the Flemish Ardennes' is a unique combination of a quest, tasks, food tasting and activities.


  • You are expected to arrive at EnjoyToday from 09:00 onwards.
  • The rules of the game and the day’s activities will be explained over a welcoming drink.
  • Over the course of the day, you try to conquer several villages and cities. You will be doing this by carrying out activities, quests and tasting a number of regional specialities.
  • Throughout the day, you will explore the OUDENAARDE – BRAKEL – KLUISBERGEN – RONSE environment. You can do this using your own transport or, alternatively, by using electric bicycles, 2CVs and/or Vespas (must be pre-booked). It is up to you to choose in which tasks you want to participate and which type of transport you want to use, but it would be wise to take into account the distances. You need to distribute the available transport per group. At clearly specified intervals, there will be a changeover. You need to take this into account when planning your route, because if you're not back in time, your other team members will lose valuable time.
  • This is an extremely varied way to discover the most attractive sites in the Flemish Ardennes, and it is accessible to everyone. You will be introduced to tasty regional products: sweets, cakes, drinks, cheeses, …
  • At 12:30, you are expected at EnjoyToday for a delicious lunch in an idyllic setting.
  • At around 16:30, you will be expected back at EnjoyToday, where the winners will be announced.
  • We will conclude with a tasting of 3 scrumptious regional beers (or a glass of Cava, if you don’t like beer).

For this quest, it is up to you to organize your day. With the help of an app, you can choose your own preferred sights, which food and drink to taste, and tasks based on the time available and on your interests. The person to visit most sites, give the best answers and complete most tasks within the set time, is the winner.

This game offers the opportunity for participants of all ages and physical levels to enjoy a fun team-building experience.

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