Surrounded by greenery

Walk around the garden and imagine you are in Provence.                                

A view of nature

From Panoramic House you have a magnificent view of the Flemish Ardennes countryside.


Space to play

There is plenty for both young & old to enjoy in the gardens.                                                              


Al fresco lunches

Weather permitting, there is the opportunity for al fresco lunches during meetings. 


Outdoor appetizers

There is nothing more enjoyable than sipping an aperitif outside in the sun.          


Reclining & haning seats

Settle into the reclining and haning seats and enjoy the spectacular view.

View from the back

View from the garden towards the                                    


Charming courtyard

Enjoy a short break in the cosy seating areas in the charming courtyard


Guest rooms

Our guest rooms are at the top.


Breack-out areas

The meeting rooms in the first building have a lot of breack-out areas where small groups can work together.


The Kitchen

In building 1 is the decor modern and very bright and open in terms of exposure. In the kitchen you'll find repeated healthy refreshments and beverages.

Creativity room

One of the meeting rooms in building 1 is the creativity room. A short distance beamer ensures that you have complete freedom to move.


Room for enjoyment

This space is also located in the first building. This room can serve as relaxation area (with wii, brain teaser, ...) or as a meeting room.


Conference room

The conference room is located under the roof in building 1. It's a cozy space where the authentic roof trusses were kept, which makes for a pleasant framework.


Coaching Room

Do you have an informal conversation or a coaching call, you can book the coaching room per hour. You can also host your customers with a drink. 


Guest room 1 - Doucle room

Double 180 cm (6-foot) wide bed + an extra 90 cm (3-foot) bed with a trundle bed. This room also offers extra space.


Guest room 2 - Twin room

This room has two single beds, each 90 cm (3-foot) wide. These can be moved together, or remain separate



The rooms have their own bathroom with a bath and shower, 2 washbasins and.